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Capacidad de memoria de trabajo: Fuentes de variación y causas de olvido

Investigador Principal:

Ph.D. Odir Rodríguez Villagra

Investigadores Asociados:

Ph.D Domingo Campos Ramírez.,


Vigencia del Proyecto: 01/01/2009 al 27/01/2011

In many cognitive activities the temporary maintenance and manipulation of mental objects is a necessary step in order to reach a cognitive goal. Working memory has been regarded as the process responsable for those cognitive activities. Our researcha ddresses the question: What limits working memorycapacity? A question that still remains controversial (Lewandowsky, Oberauer, & Brown, 2009). In an attemptto answer thisquestion our studies involve experiments on human beings guided by formal theories about the limits of working memory capacity (Oberauer & Kliegl, 2001; Oberauer & Kliegl, 2006). Specifically, we propose that the dynamics between causes of forgetting (e.g., time-related decay, limited resources, and representational interference) and the processes helping the maintenance, and manipulation of the memoranda (e.g., inhibition, attentional control, and processing speed) are the key aspects in understanding the limits of working-memory capacity (Rodríguez-Villagra, Oberauer, Göthe, Kliegl, & Campos-Ramírez, 2012). In addition, our research has taked into account these dynamics in thecontext of individual differences, developmental differences, and aging differences (Rodríguez-Villagra, Göthe, Oberauer, & Kliegl, 2012).


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Rodríguez-Villagra, O. A., Oberauer, K., Göthe, K., Kliegl, R.& Campos-Ramírez, D. (2012, December 10) Dynamics between causes of forgetting and inhibition in workingmemory capacity: A formal approach.

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